Project: QGIS

Changelog for version: 3.2.0

The next release of QGIS 3

Release date expected 2018-06-22

User Interface

Feature: Layers panel: indicators for filtered map layers

The main window's layer tree view (ToC) gets support for indicators that are shown when a vector layer has a filter applied. This makes it easier for users to understand that they are looking at a subset of all data. Clicking the indicator's icon brings up query builder.

This adds a mini-framework for display of extra icons in layer tree views next to layer and group names. Tool tip text can be associated with indicators to give extra context for indicators. In addition, a signal gets emitted when user clicks indicators and custom actions can be defined. The idea is that indicators can be used in the future for a subtle reporting of various bits of information, for example:

  • map layer with invalid geometries
  • map layer with on-the-fly reprojection exceptions
  • map layer has missing data source
  • map layer with invalid CRS


Feature: Simplify map tool can now also smooth features

The Simplify Features map tool has been renamed to "Simplify/Smooth Features", and now supports interactive smoothing of features.

This feature was developed by Nyall Dawson (North Road)

Data Management

Feature: Refresh a materialized view

From the browser, with a right click on a materialized view, you can now refresh it.

This feature was developed by Etienne Trimaille


Feature: Improved 'Join by attribute table' algorithm

The 'Join by attribute table' algorithm has been upgraded to support one-to-many joins (i.e. create separate features for each matching feature) as well as an option to discard records which could not be joined.

This feature was developed by Mathieu Pellerin

Feature: Load script from template

New option to load Processing scripts from a custom template

This feature was developed by Matteo Ghetta (Faunalia)

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