Project: Stream Feature Extractor

Changelog for version: 1.0.0

Stories in Ready This is the first version of the QGIS Stream feature extractor plugin. The purpose of this plugin is to provide a tool that lets you easily extract features from a stream network. The list of currently supported features consists of:

  • well
  • sink
  • crossing
  • self intersection
  • pseudonode
  • confluence
  • tributary
  • watershed
  • indeterminate bifurcation

In the future we may add more such rules. You can find more information about this open source project on our GitHub Home Page. This plugin was sponsored by: Landesbetrieb fuer Hochwasserschutz und Wasserwirtschaft Sachsen-Anhalt.

Extractable feature

Features extracted from the stream network are added as a new layer

User Interface

Integrated user documentation

User Interface

The user interface is very simple

User Interface

User options

User Interface

Simple Installation