Section: Vector
Answers to section modules.

Question: Which example best suit the need to use a buffer
Answer: A communication company wanting to find out which areas do not have cellphone coverage.

Question: When you are given the buffer distance in kilometres how can you use them accurately in a GIS
Answer: Do a standard conversion between kilometres to metres and use the result

Question: Can you create a buffer with data in decimal degrees
Answer: True

Question: Describe a table join

Question: Which of the following is True

Question: Table joins can only be used when the two tables use column with identical names

Question: What is geoprocessing

Question: Which of the following statements is true

Question: Is select by location an example of a spatial operation

Question: What is it useful to know population distribution

Question: What is population distribution and how is it represented in a GIS
Answer: The spread of people across the terrain

Question: Which of the following statement is true ?
Answer: Raw data or simple counts can be mapped on a dot density map.

Question: Which of the following statements is true
Answer: A road network can be bidirectional. A road that goes in both direction

Question: Can a river be described as a network in the same way a road is

Question: Plugins are only installed when online