Section: Symbology
Answers to section modules.

Question: Which of the following combination of layer types can you apply fill colour.
Answer: Points, lines and polygon

Question: Is it possible to assign colours on polygons based on an attribute
Answer: Yes

Question: Our road style consist of two symbols overlaid together. Is it possible to overlay 3 symbols
Answer: Yes it is possible but you have to define the order which they should draw.

Question: The maximum number of classes supported by QGIS in a categorized layer

Question: Can you use a categorized fill on a raster layer

Question: Once your categories have been defined, they cannot be changed

Question: Can you use the scale to make measurement from a map
Answer: Yes

Question: Is it possible to add a legend whilst using map decorations
Answer: No

Question: Which of the following statement about map decorations is false
Answer: Map decorations and map composer are identical in QGIS

Question: Experiment with the rule based render to see if you can render a polygon layer as a point layer at large scale and a polygon layer at small scale
Answer: you can do this using using a centroid fill

Question: 2.5D Renderer can be used with these feature types
Answer: polygon layer

Question: A colour ramp is
Answer: Useful for displaying continuous data

Question: When working with a ramp it is best to
Answer: Have a few divergent classes

Question: A Raster is

Question: What statement best describes the symbology or raster layers
Answer: Assigning pixels colour so that humans can easily understand what the data represents

Question: Raster pixels range from 1 - 255 only

Question: Symbol levels depict
Answer: Two or more symbols that are used to represent a class or group of features in a vector layer.

Question: Which of these statement is True
Answer: Symbol levels can be applied against any render type ie Categorised or Rule Based classification

Question: Symbol levels can be applied to raster layers
Answer: False

Question: Use the inverted renderer when
Answer: You need to draw outside your polygons rather than inside
Answer: You need to mask some data from other layers

Question: Inverted rendering can be used with
Answer: polygon layers

Question: When would it be useful to use a colour ramp
Answer: To depict how a player was behaving during a soccer match.

Question: Which statement is false
Answer: Heat map points can be weighted by a discrete column

Question: A colour ramp is a type of vector analysis
Answer: False

Question: If you want to share graduated, continuous or rule based symbology, which would you use
Answer: A symbol style exported as XML

Question: What will happen if you export a polygon layer style and try to apply it to a point layer
Answer: You will see an error message