Section: Labelling
Answers to section modules.

Question: Which of the following statement regarding labelling is true.
Answer: Labels can be placed on top of each other

Question: What will this example expression produce if used in the 'label with' option?: x(centroid($geometry)) || ',' || y(centroid($geometry))

Question: Which of these expressions would change the label to red if the major road is a toll (try each one on the text color property to see)

Question: Choose all that apply: data driven labelling
Answer: lets you override label properties on a per-feature basis

Question: Which of these would pre-pin your label x position to the feature position
Answer: IF (label_x_1mil IS NULL, x( $geometry), label_x_1mil)

Question: What is a geometry function
Answer: A type of function that allows new values to be computed based on existing geometry of the layer.

Question: When using the geometry functions to calculate area does the data need to be in a projected co ordinate reference system
Answer: No, A GIS should be able to handle this.

Question: The units of area can only be metres.
Answer: False