Section: Introduction to QGIS
Answers to section modules.

Question: QGIS once installed requires access to a license server - true or false?
Answer: false

Question: Customizations made to the QGIS user interface will be lost when you next start QGIS?
Answer: false

Question: Which of the following file extension would you choose to add a shapefile into QGIS
Answer: shp

Question: Does QGIS has the capability to open a file generated from google earth. The file type is kml
Answer: Yes

Question: An image taken with the camera on your phone is classified as a raster or not.
Answer: Yes it is

Question: What is one distinct advantage of adding raster layers using the browser panel
Answer: It automatically filters the layer only showing you the extension that can be loaded in QGIS

Question: Which of the following layers is an example of raster data
Answer: Digital elevation model showing the height above sea level

Question: You added layers to QGIS but you can't see all of them. Why
Answer: Your view extent does not coincide with the layer extent
Answer: Your layer ordering has resulted in some layers obscuring other layers

Question: If you zoom in close to the exercise vector data it doesn't look good nor correct. Why is this
Answer: It is simplifed

Question: I click on the map with the identify tool but either no attributes or the wrong attributes come up. Why
Answer: The layer I want to query is not active

Question: Which of the following statement is true ?
Answer: Any user can contribute their data to Openstreet map.

Question: Which statement is true regarding open source data
Answer: There are no cost associated with downloading the data.

Question: When using Open source data users should abide by the licensing rules.
Answer: True

Question: Is it possible to load a CSV that does not contain geometry information to QGIS i.e no longitude or latitude columns
Answer: Yes

Question: What is the easiest way to load an excel spreadsheet with geographic information to QGIS.
Answer: Save the spreadsheet as a CSV and them load it into QGIS

Question: What is a plugin in QGIS
Answer: A tool that allows you to import spreadsheet seamlessly.

Question: What does latitude/longitude represent in the real world
Answer: The actual/physical location of a feature in the real world

Question: Is it possible to change the symbology of the layer being served using WMS
Answer: No

Question: Is it possible to change the transparency of layers from WMS
Answer: Yes

Question: Client sensitive data can be accessed through WMS
Answer: Yes, It just needs to be authenticated

Question: When you open a layer's attribute table in QGIS, where is the geometry column
Answer: It is shown on the map

Question: After removing a column and saving your edits, you can press undo to get it back again
Answer: False

Question: Indicate which statements are correct

Question: True or false: Applying a filter in the attribute table will result in only those features being shown on the canvas

Question: What is the purpose of filtering the attribute table - choose all that apply