Section: Analysis
Answers to section modules.

Question: The select by location will find all features near to a specific location

Question: Indicate which statements are correct

Question: If you take continuous data and classify it in a style, does that make the data classified?

Question: Is a binary (0/1 or yes/no) field classified or continuous

Question: Can a text field be continuous

Question: Which statement is true with regards to attribute based join

Question: Which of these is an example of spatial operation

Question: Can you see the geometry definition of features in the attribute table

Question: What is the difference between an attribute based search and spatial selection

Question: Which of these represent a spatial operation

Question: Joining a non spatial layer to a spatial layer is a type of spatial analysis

Question: What does the processing toolbox in QGIS do?
Answer: It is a general purpose set of tools for performing spatial analysis.

Question: Is it possible to connect multiple processing algorithms in a processing chain?
Answer: yes

Question: Is it possible to specify the buffer distance in km using the buffer algorithm
Answer: Yes

Question: We labelled the final output using the $length. Do you think we could have used an algorithm to calculate the area.
Answer: Yes

Question: Which of the following statement regarding models is false
Answer: Models are only used for vector data.

Question: After saving your model can you use it in another model as an algorithm
Answer: True