Project: InaSAFE

Changelog for version: 3.0.0

We are pleased to announce the availability of InaSAFE 3.0.0. This is a major new release. The 3.0 designation is because we have made major changes to the underlying code architecture which will break existing applications that used the 2.x InaSAFE API. We have also added new features and tools to make the process of contingency planning more efficient and configurable.

For more information on how to participate in the InaSAFE project, please contact us at [email protected] - and visit our home page at We would like to thank all the developers, funders, stakeholders and interested people for the great contributions they have made to InaSAFE thus far!


Feature: New wizard for carrying out impact assessments

Our new wizard has the following goal: providing a guided, logical path through the process of carrying out an impact assessment. The new impact function centric wizard presents a series of questions in a very easy to use manner that will step you through the process of carrying out your assessment. Rather than requiring the user to first load their data and then discover which kinds of assessments can be carried out (as the prior versions of InaSAFE only supported), the new wizard lets the user first select what kind of analysis they would like to carry out and then lets them select the data from the set of layers that are currently open in QGIS, or by loading a layer from the file system via a user friendly data browser interface.


Feature: Impact summary reporting improvements

The impact summary table that accompanies the graphical report created by InaSAFE has been updated so that the output matches the styling of the rest of InaSAFE and is much more pleasing and easy to read.

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